Homer Barron

Homer Barron

(John) Homer Barron (May 1, 1835 – 1924 )

Homer Barron was born in Vermont on May 1, 1835 and joined the Community with his family when he was 17.  He was talented in the mechanical arts, such as trap making.

Homer and Tirzah Miller probably had an intimate and possibly “special love” relationship when they were young,  contrary to the principles of complex marriage practiced in the Community.   Homer struggled with his feelings and suffered over  his relationship with Tirzah.

He had two Community children: Ruth Barron (b. 1870) by Ann Eliza Van Velzer and Benjamin Barron (b. 1878) by Constance B. Noyes, a daughter of John Humphrey Noyes.  After the breakup he married Helen Miller, Tirzah’s younger sister.  They had one child, Norma Barron and Homer adopted Helen’s daughter Miriam fathered by JH Noyes.

Homer died on November 11, 1924 and is buried in the Community cemetery.


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  1. Pam said,

    December 22, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    Homer was my great great grandfather!

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