Edward Inslee

Edward Inslee

Edward was born February 24th, 1845 in Newark, New Jersey.   Edward and his father joined  the Oneida Community in 1855.  As a young man he worked as a machinist and was an      outstanding musician.  He was matched with Tirzah to produce a child during the days of stirpiculture and fathered Tirzah’s second child, Haydn, born in 1874. They fell into “special love” and had a turbulent and intense relationship, suffering much criticism from John Humphrey Noyes and community members.

Edward seceded from the community in 1875.  It is reported that he became temporarily unbalanced when Tirzah married James Herrick in 1879 after the community broke up and complex marriage was abandoned.  He eventually married, moved to California  and joined the  Los Angeles Philharmonic where he played lead clarinet, cornet, viola, and alto horn.  A community member reportedly said of Edward, “he is one of those gifted mortals in whom the fire of music ever glows.”

He died in California on Christmas day in 1929.


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