As it was then…

Mansion House Winter 2010

In today’s post from Harriet Worden, written December 9, 1868, she began as she did every day to talk about the day’s weather, which now that we live here we have come to appreciate how an important topic it is.  She wrote:

The Snow

“Such a day! Not cold, but snowing and blowing the whole time. The whole surface of the ground covered with more than two feet of snow and drifts six feet high and more, in every direction. The snow is soft and feathery and it is delightful to tumble into it. Some again eat it like candy. The men go to take their accustomed plunge and the girls bundle up and try wading in the snow, and we heard of an instance where two females plunged into a snow bank in a state of nudity.”

The photo I took yesterday captures Harriet’s description of the snow as “soft and feathery”, and it does look delicious to eat.  Now I wonder if we shall see any braves souls who will drive to Willow Place for a quick plunge or dive into a snow bank “in a state of nudity”?  We’ll be watching.


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    January 10, 2011 at 1:12 pm


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