Homer’s Confession

Homer Barron

The November 6th post  from Harriet Worden’s 1868 Journal has a remarkable confession by Homer Barron.  He had just been criticized for poisoning Myron Kinsley’s mind.  They had planned to leave the Oneida Community,  and if the Community did not give them the money they asked for to help them set up a life in the outside world, they would go to Connecticut and start-up a trap shop there and enter into competition with the Oneida Community trap works.

Harriet Worden recorded Homer’s confession in the Willow Place Community, which was a mile from the Mansion House and served as a satellite community for members who worked in the Trap and Silk factories.  What is remarkable about the confession is that it exists at all.  We have few examples of such self-criticisms and almost none from men in the Community.

Edward Inslee

Homer Barron appears prominently in Tirzah Miller’s diary, as her lover and a severe critic of her for harboring special love for other men, especially Edward Inslee.

A gifted musician and a key figure in the manufacturing of the traps,  Edward Inslee withdrew from the Community in 1875, after a tumultuous battle of wills with John Humphrey Noyes.  And unlike Homer Barron, there is no record of a confession of his sin of special love for Tirzah Miller.

Homer Barron married Tirzah’s sister, Helen, at the break-up of the Community in 1880.


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