Back In The Mansion House

After three months of producing  a PBS special on Cirque du Soleil’s  Las Vegas shows:  Cirque du Soleil ~ Flowers in the Desert, I am back living full time with Vicki in Tontine 255 in the Mansion House.  After months of working with an “impossible” deadline to deliver the 2-hour special for broadcast nationally starting November 27, 2010, I am once again attempting to integrate my work into my daily life.

(Here is a link to a clip from the PBS special on You Tube:

I am celebrating my return to life in the Mansion House by posting excerpts from the daily entries that Harriet Worden wrote in a journal she kept in 1868 and 1869, of the daily events that occurred in the Oneida Community beginning on November 1, 1868.  I will post each day the corresponding entry from her journal for that day one hundred and forty-two years ago.  The entries will appear each day in the page for Harriet Worden’s Journal – 1868 Entries.

Her journal was begun as an “improving exercise …  and useful as a reference.”   This is the same spirit that Vicki and I embrace as we create this blog.

Harriet Worden’s writing is lively and creates a vivid canvas of changing images from the daily life in the Oneida Community during a critical year in its history.  Through her journal entries, we can follow the evolving stories of the individuals that made up the Oneida Community in 1868-69.  We glimpse the complexity of their lives and relationships through Harriet Worden’s engaging descriptions.  After transcribing and editing this journal, I have come to appreciate the genius of the Community – collectively integrating work, play, sex and religion,  continually in movement, searching for better ways to live a perfect, sinless life.  Lessons to be studied today.


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