A New Beginning

Between 1862 and 1880, more than 300 people lived together in the Mansion House as members of a Bible Communist group, known as the Oneida Community.  They shared everything – property, marriage and the raising of children.

They created the first and only eugenics experiment in the United States, producing over 50 children by selected parents.  This experiment in breeding exposed long-simmering conflicts within the Community, which led to its break-up in 1880.

The property and manufacturing enterprises  ~ animals traps and silverware were the most successful ~ were converted into a joint stock company that became known as Oneida Ltd, the world’s largest manufacturer of flatware.

On June 26, 2010, Victoria Carver and Frank Christopher moved into apartment # 255 in the building known as the Tontine ~ built in 1863 and used as the dining room and work area.

We are residing in what is now a living museum.  ~ http://www.oneidacommunity.org

We are exploring the lives of members of the Oneida Community ~ see the Cast of Characters page ~ from within the building where they once lived.

Follow us and see what happens as we  journey back in time, recording our experiences using 21st Century media tools.


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